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Atomic mushroom T-shirt! Explicit!

The mushroom that makes love

Pin-up girls prefer skulls and drumsticks

The best models wear tHE LOSERS (Moscow)' tees! True rock invades podiums!

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AS T-shirts online shop

AS T-shirts - explicit tees and online comics

AS T-shirts is an online shop selling explicit and funny T-shirts intended for informal youth, marginals and high-minded rogues, and meanwhile a powerful advocacy instrument with an entertaining component.

AS T-shirts operates under the aegis of AARON SCHNORBITZ Rubber Art Supplier ®, which works in the field of provocative subart under the responsive leadership of its unchallenged leader and inspirer Aaron Schnorbitz.

AS T-shirts produces unique explicit and funny T-shirts, based on Aaron Schnorbitz’ and his comrades-in-arms’ original works aiming to make havoc among cornball, chavs, hypocrites and other sluggishly thinking humanoids in accordance with the program established by the company AARON SCHNORBITZ Rubber Art Supplier and the anarcho-syndicalist movement FUCK THE SYSTEM.

AS T-shirts produces limited edition and custom T-shirts in order to maintain their uniqueness and distinctive style and seeks to provide with them only the worthiest renegades and motherfuckers.

In the manufacture of our T-shirts we use exclusively our prints (pictures and inscriptions), which are the intellectual property of the company AARON SCHNORBITZ Rubber Art Supplier. And that’s why you can bye our T-shirts ONLY in our store.

Unique features of our T-shirt shop

  1. The prints (pictures and inscriptions on T-shirts) we use in our store are made on the basis of Aaron Schnorbitz and Co' unique and original works, illustrating his personal world outlook and his ideological associates’ views.
  2. Practically all T-shirts in our online shop are accompanied with short artistic sketches and original articles. So if you’re a curious visitor and not an absolute loser, you can enjoy our aesthetic works as well as discover their rich conceptual content.
  3. In our shop we've got an absoutely free high-resolution COMICS section (including erotic comics with dark humor, branteasers, posters) where you can become familiar with the breathtaking Schnorbitz’ story and his thoughts underlying the prints on AS T-shirts.
  4. In our BLOG, you can find drawing tutorials (coming soon) that will help you to create your own T-shirt print; our music box, where we publish interviews with underground rock-stars from Red Ball Records, post rare soundtracks and then some.
  5. Our online shop invites you to take part in a number of interesting campaigns, including social initiatives, thus you can find yourself a great reformer as well as become an active figure in our Artel of independent artists AARON SCHNORBITZ rubber art supplier.
  6. We offer you exceptional VIP services in introduction of modifications in T-shirts’ prints such as addition or modification of inscription (eg gift inscriprion), personalization of T-shirt prints, modification of some prints details etc. See terms in relevant section.

The origin of AS T-shirts

The origin of AS T-shirts

T-shirt as a way of advocacy

AS T-shirts - danger!

Since AS T-shirts shop is primarily an ideological weapon created for struggling against morons and the system engendering them, we position our T-shirts as a means of advocacy. Therefore our T-shirts are first of all visual data mediums with a very powerful mental effect. And only secondly – the so called explicit, rude T-shirts, or, for example, funny T-shirts, designer T-shirts and so on.

With reference to the commonly accepted terminology we prefer using the term – explicit or rude T-shirts, which reflects their essence in the best way.

However the use of this term doesn’t mean, that we call you to apply physical violence and become like those who recklessly smash up all around. On the contrary - we stand for ideological fight.

Our average client is a nonconformist, intellectual rebel, an eccentric motherfucker who's mind power often exceeds his physical force, but he’s always ready to uphold his views and withstand the surrounding incomprehension and even the contempt from the modern “Pithecantropus” that exposes him to real danger.

That’s why we notify you that YOU’VE GOT TO REALIZE ALL POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES OF USING OUR T-SHIRTS especially if you don’t have enough muscle bulk and live in an aggressive environment.