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Aaron Schnorbitz

Аарон Шнорбиц производитель оригинальных хулиганских футболок

Yesterday, entering the hotel I saw an amazingly handsome man: tall, stately, faultlessly dressed with a shine of unbounded wisdom in his eyes. I lost my temper and rushed to this divinity in flesh …BANG! …it was a mirror
Aaron Schnorbitz
A morbid bastard, totally fucked up. I wasted 20 years nursing him, though I felt like putting my gun in his mouth to shut him up after all.
Sam 13, FBI agent

Aaron Schnorbitz is an independent artist, thinker, musician, prominent underground personality and fighter against universal evil. Founder of the innovative school in the field of subculture – rubber art. Organizer of numerous art-diversions and acts of political sabotage. Eccentric. Addicted to the bottle and lechery. Wanted by the FBI and other intelligence services, supporting world conspiracy.

Aaron Schnorbitz is the founding father and unchallenged spiritual leader of the Artel* of independent artists AARON SCHNORBITZ Rubber Art Supplier, (registered as a commercial enterprise), AS T-shirts project (online T-shirt shop for informal youth), the head and inspirer of the anarcho-syndicalist movement FUCK THE SYSTEM, the cofounder of the scientific-commercial enterprise MINDTECH SHOP and the owner the record label RED BALL RECORDS.

Curriculum vitae

Aaron Schnorbitz comics story Aaron Schnorbitz Begins Comics

Born may 4th 1973 in Billings (USA, Montana) under supervision of the FBI in family of a political prisoner. Father – Mark Gadov (casual observer of JFK’s murder), mother – Angel Strawberry (variegated career, no fix adobe). Grew up a strong and lively child inclined to intellectual violence.

When finishing secondary school already matured as a creative personality with a firm life philosophy and unruly temper.

In his youth lead a dissipated life purposefully troubling public order. Refused to work. Lived on petty crime, particularly committing acts of art-sabotage (see Aaron Schnorbitz’ childhood, adolesence and youth in comics).

In 1993 runs away from the town. Founds the same year with Janush ‘Smily” Bzdenek the movement FUCK THE SYSTEM for struggling against global order. The next years are a period of intensive sabotage activity and multiple travels around the whole world.

Additional information about Schnorbitz’ activities can be found hereinafter and in COMICS, BLOG and NEWS sections of this site

Information about Aaron Schnorbitz's activities for the 1993-2011 period

1993.06.19 –Foundation of the anarcho-syndicalist movement Fuck the system, aimed to liquidate the global domination of the corrupted political and commercial system.
1994.12.20 –First Schnorbitz’ sabotage in Texas where he blows up a 500 lb firecracker in the central office of an American oil and gas corporation at the height of the Christmas party. The Chief executive officer is seriously contused.
1995.10.23 –The goalkeeper of Anaheim Mighty Ducks is monstrously shot on the field by two FBI agents who mistook him for Schnorbitz.
1995.02.12 –Schnorbitz meets Babur Madhukar during his stay in Goa. They elaborate the conception of the MindTech Shop – an innovative enterprise in the field of high-technologies development.
1999.06.26 –Schnorbitz replaces the Mona Lisa (Gioconda) in the Louvre with his own artwork Betty Logan. The stolen chef-d’oeuvre is found later with a classic moustache drawn on.
2000.09.01 –MindTech Shop starts mass production of jet propellant for human rockets. The problem of traffic jams is solved once for all. The prize of fermented black beans jumps.
2001.03.05 –Schnorbitz starts the global initiative Bring the rainbow back!, calling for return of the rainbow symbol to children and forbid its use for sex minorities. Hundred thousand of revolted mothers support the BRB movement. San Francisco is in fire.
2002.07.04 –Operation «Red ball». Failed attempt to place a ball gag in the mouth of the Statue of Liberty in NY.
2005.04.15 –The famous Fairfield ultimatum about public bukkake – Schnorbitz’new method for punishing venal authorities.
2006.12.05 –Schnorbitz moves to Eastern Europe where he establishes his HQ – the Schnorbitz’ lair.
2008.08.11 –Disclosure of the Moscow Mayor’s Office. Schnorbitz and his anarcho-syndicalist friends reveal photos showing that this high authority is in reality a secret fist-fucking club. A number оf Russian and Ukrainian cabinet members are suspected to be part of it.
2009.05.04 –Foundation of AARON SCHNORBITZ Rubber Art Supplier company and AS T-shirts enterprise.
2011.01.13 –Aaron Schnorbitz Rubber Art Supplier starts the ambitious project on restyling the Christian church. Human race is shocked.
2011.05.23 –The foundation of Red ball records. Schnorbitz produces the techno-groovy project PC Speaker and the rock-band tHE LOSERS.