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Author: TheDanzer

tHE LOSERSAaron Schnorbitz' cult music project involving unrecognized international rock stars.

The band performs in unique eclectic manner – rock chanson, incorporating a variety of different styles and influences from lo-fi chanson, classic hard rock to alternative music and indie. Features riff-oriented power sound and explicit erotic lyrics.

The band's line-up includes founding member Aaron Schnorbitz, TheDanzer, Oso Rojo (Le crapeau écrasée) and the notorious artist and guitar king Alex Bogo. Their first song Absolutely naked, marking the foundation of the band, was spontaneously made up by the LOSERS in Budapest in 2001 and shortly blew up unofficial hit-parades of the whole world.

A striking feature of tHE LOSERS is their constantly rising popularity when the practical lack of audio tracks and rare shows.

Within the scope of the musical project tHE LOSERS its founders Aaron Schnorbitz and Alex Bogo work closely with a whole range of international underground rock heroes and even with former musicians who ruined their talent through drinking (e.g. Peter Hardtail, Max Hutch, John Broken).

In 2012 after completing a successful tour of Asia, including performances in opium bars and gambling dens, tHE LOSERS come back to Eastern Europe, where solo-guitarist and sound engineer Jack Lipking joins the band to start work on the first album Sexy to the bone at Red Ball Records (never released)

2014 is a turning year for the LOSERS when the entire conception of the band is revised after a major split of its founders. Alex Bogo permanently leaves the band, Aaron Schnorbitz gives way for Vad The Good (TheDanzer) as the main vocalist and invites two more musicians from Russia to form his renewed project tHE LOSERS (Moscow). Together they release the EP Bitches For Sale in 2014 and the LP Born To Seduce in 2016 showing a new modern sound and aggressive approach.

tHE LOSERS soundcloud

tHE LOSERS' early songs (till 2014)

Red Ball Records – lo-fi music and indie rock-chanson

Schoolboys' anthem (hidden track)

Today we’ve got only one track from tHE LOSERS - Schoolboys' anthem, recorded on a mobile phone during their tour of Bosnia in 2007. This song is dedicated to carefree school life and will be included in LP Sexy to the bone as a hidden track.

Three songs from the band’s 2014 year transition period can be listened below (click big blue picture link for download). It’s a bootleg recorded during their appearance in Hard Rock Cafe in Singapore.

tHE LOSERS (лузеры) live in Singapore

tHE LOSERS' early pictures (till 2014)

Афиша tHE LOSERS в СингапуреВиртуоз гитары Алекс Бого Соло-гитарист Джек Липкинг

tHE LOSERS (Moscow) (since 2014)

tHE LOSERS (Moscow) is the reviewed tHE LOSERS project where his original creator Aaron Schnorbitz plays the key role of concept maker, graphic designer and general producer.

Hiding in the shadow of the new teammates (Russian musicians from the Moscow alternative metal scene) Aaron Schnorbitz nevertheless strictly follows his initial plan – developing the band as a provocative multilateral project embracing a wide range of activities: musical performances, audio and video records, explicit graphic advertising, t-shirt production, satiric comics, network flash mobs and demotivators e t.c.

However for the general audience tHE LOSERS (Moscow) is primary a true rock band playing aggressive and very melodic music based on classic rock traditions and supported with quality graphics.

The three teammates (Vad The Good, George “Go” Kuznetsov, Max “Gals” Galstian) using their rich (more than 20 years) experience on stage perfectly show the true manner of making up and playing real rock as a satiric and explicit opposition to the consumer conception of the modern society.

“This Russian Troyka, particularly my old friend Vad The Good, are the best rock musicians I ever heard. On stage they’re more than rock stars - they’re a tsunami, wiping off all sadness around and filling people with positive energy” - says Aaron Schnorbitz – “They’re open and rather explicit to make people feel that they are sincere. That’s why people really love them”.

 tHE LOSERS moscow

Участники группы tHE LOSERS Участники группы tHE LOSERS


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