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Atomic mushroom T-shirt! Explicit!

The mushroom that makes love

Pin-up girls prefer skulls and drumsticks

The best models wear tHE LOSERS (Moscow)' tees! True rock invades podiums!

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How to order a T-shirt?

If you want to order a T-shirt here, first of all you’ve got to choose it’s style, size, color and specify quantity. You can easily do it in the option box located below the price tag at the T-shirt page.

Change options top down step by step to avoid their chaotic switching. This way you will first choose the T-shirt style (womens slim, men classic, womens with rhinestones etc) then the color, size and quantity.

If you can’t get the T-shirt options you want, it just means that we don’t have such item. But don’t be upset, you can always contact us, and we’ll try to solve your problem.

When you made your choice, click on the buy button: the chosen item will be placed in the cart. Then proceed to the checkout, fill up the form and wait for our response. We’ll confirm your order and give you our paypal account for making the payment.

To help you with your choice we made a Sizing Chart with approximate sizes of the T-shirts we use. We hope it will help you.

How will I get my T-shirt?

We’ll send you your T-shirt by Standard International Mail with a tracking number. Of course you can get it by Priority or Express Mail if you can’t wait anymore (for a relevant price). Estimated delivery time varies for items shipped from an international location. Our HQ is situated in Eastern Europe.

What’s the delivery time and shipping rate?

The delivery time and shipping rates depend of your location, shipping method and of the item location. At the present time we ship from Eastern Europe, where we’ve got our HQ, but we have some alternative ways to produce and deliver your explicit T-shirt.

In addition you have to remember, that we need more time to make custom and VIP T-shirts (especially those with rhinestones). So we suggest you to contact us and ask us all the questions you’ve got, before taking any decisions. See also Shipping and Payment

How to pay the chosen T-shirt?

We accept paypal. As soon as we confirm your order and give you all shipping and other details, you can make payment through paypal. See also Shipping and Payment

Do you accept returns?

Sorry, dude. We don’t accept returns. Currently we can’t do it for a number of technical and financial reasons. So be attentive choosing your size. See Sizing Chart. For our part, to avoid any misunderstandings, we guarantee you quality for your money.

Why our T-shirts are so expensive?

Don’t forget, that we produce unique T-shirts. These are custom designer T-shirts elaborated by Aaron Schnorbitz and his colleagues. We don’t have mass production, we work with each tee individually, hence the cost price is high. If the price is too high for you, just save up some money or try to find a convenient online shop. It’s up to you.

Why some T-shirt prices are higher than others?

It depends of the T-shirt style (model, decoration), print features and method of production. As a rule womens T-shirts are more expensive. T-shirts decorated with rhinestones are very expensive, because of the rhinestones cost. T-shirt’s price is also higher if the print is large and fully filled.

What’s the difference between a custom tee and a tee in stock?

Most of our T-shirts are custom made. We apply the print on the T-shirt after having received your order. Others are already done and stocked in our warehouse, as we do them by small lots (about 30-50 pieces)

What’s a rhinestone?

A rhinestone is a diamond simulant made from rock crystal, glass, acrylic, metal which is fixed to fabric with glue.

All our T-shirts decorated with rhinestones are marked with a yellow label Strass (upper right side of T-shirt page). Plus you can select them in the Warehouse by clicking on the Rhinestones box.