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Atomic mushroom T-shirt! Explicit!

The mushroom that makes love

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The forbidden fruit

Theological T-shirt for agnostics and irresolute believers

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Once when I was 6 years old after a rich supper with oysters I had a dream.
She was sitting just in front of me…naked.. with her legs wide spread and a scarlet dog in her hands. A beautiful woman. A dream in a dream. She was looking straight into my eyes as if she wanted to drill a hole in my soul.

- Don’t be afraid, sugar, - she sad caressing the growling dog, - Just come closer and nestle up to me. Beelzebul won’t mind.
I touched her breast, it was tender like the cheesecake I had ate the day before.
- Can I go deeper?
- Of course, sugar.

She leaned over to me, opened her mouth and I saw her tongue growing and turning into a snake with diamond eyes. I woke up. I don’t know why, but after having seen this dream I made my first drawing. I called it later Liquid dream

Aaron Schnorbitz, Wrecks of memories, 2006, Hangman publications Ltd.

Source of inspiration

This work - Forbidden fruit – is Aaron Schnorbitz’ attempt to reconsider in a characteristic eccentric manner the source of the Fall of humanity. According with one of the main principles of rubber art - came, saw, remade - он he takes as a basis the classic work of Lucas Cranach the Elder Adam & Eve (1526) and changes familiar to Everyman imagery in aspiration to reach the peak of creative expression.

He author affirms that the schnorbization of Lucas Cranach’s painting doesn’t aim to insult the religious, but «give them the opportunity to philosophically assess the theological dogma about the original sin».

«Temptation and the Fall were always my points of interest», - says Aaron: «The practical aspect of this issue is particularly interesting for me, so I prefer investigating it in my own person to feel deeply all pleasant moments of this process. It probably pushed me to give Adam my appearance, ‘cause I always wanted to try walking in his shoes. And Eve…her image was inspired by my beautiful muse Бетти Логан.

United Artists Magazine, №37, 2011


An opinion poll hold by Schnorbitz’ team in Vatican (1000 respondents were involved) showed that 47% of respondents think that the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil is a McIntosh variety of apple tree
22% - Golden Delicious
11% - White Juice
5% - Melba
15% - other varieties

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