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Atomic mushroom T-shirt! Explicit!

The mushroom that makes love

Pin-up girls prefer skulls and drumsticks

The best models wear tHE LOSERS (Moscow)' tees! True rock invades podiums!

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The juggling

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Girly Fitted T-shirt with rhinestones (crystals or metal stones)
100% cotton.
Direct digital printing
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Juggling with red balls, juggling with words, juggling with feelings, juggling with odds. We’ve been always trying to keep this dynamic balance that allows us floating in this ocean of events and emotions called life.
Since we emerge on its surface we go down it’s destiny streams, floundering about froth waves of circumstances and difficulties. We are constantly juggling, cause we are haunted by this evasive feeling becoming stronger with years - the feeling of the abyss. It dwells right under us. The cold and ever dark abyss ready to swallow us in any time we upset the fragile balance.

Afraid to sink? So keep an eye on the balls. Maybe you won’t go down today.

Aaron Schnorbitz, Reflections on life, 2009, Hangman publications Ltd.