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Atomic mushroom T-shirt! Explicit!

The mushroom that makes love

Pin-up girls prefer skulls and drumsticks

The best models wear tHE LOSERS (Moscow)' tees! True rock invades podiums!

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Greek dancers

Classic greek T-shirt for lascivious nymphs and lustful satyrs

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Classic T-shirt or (Girly Fitted T-shirt), 100% cotton.
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Ancient art is great: dancing satyrs, bearded Gilgamesh, mythic beasts, resurrecting Osiris and so on. The feelings and motions are reflected to perfection. Every curve intensifies the expression of these everlasting creations. They are unique, original, they are real masterpieces – fruits of the best endeavors of human beings.

But I always found that they could be improved. Just a few touches here and there to give them this inimitable spirit of rubber humor and to emphasize the significance of …my rubber art company. Why not, man! I’m a craft-brother after all!

Hey! And here's a little explanation for the dumb-asses who can't understand the beauty of the foregoing text:

- Come on, sugar. Take it. (_)_)=D
- No, this smacks of perversion (_Y_)
- You wanna say that your friends are perverted whores? (_)_)==D
- Of course not! But I don’t want it to cork up my mouth (_Y_)
- I putted raspberry jam on it (_)_)===D
- Really? Mhhh. Sounds interesting. (_O_)
- Raspberry jam, sugar, and a hot dog in addition if it tempts you (_)_)====D~

Aaron Schnorbitz, Reflections on life, 2009, Hangman publications Ltd.

Bacchanalia - territory of dance and lust

In ancient times the bacchanalia were wild and mystic celebrations of the Greco-Roman god Bacchus (or Dionysus), the god of wine, ritual madness and ecstasy. The term has since come to describe any form of riotous, boisterous or drunken revelry.

The bacchanalia were rites originally held in ancient Greece as the Dionysia and included festal processions, drinking feasts and dramatic performances with actors portraying satyrs, nymphs and other mythical characters.

The rites spread to Rome from the Greek colonies in Southern Italy, at first they were secret and only attended by women (Holy shit! I wish I were there). In 2nd Century BC the cult became very popular and indulged in all kinds of crimes and political conspiracies at its nocturnal meetings that led to its prohibition by the Senate.

But the cult survived in southern Italy and, it’s obvious, in other parts of the world to this day, ‘cause, as we know very well, lust and gluttony are the eternal companions of human beings and can’t be eradicated in any way.

Today after a whole number of major transformations that occurred over the past centuries, this vicious cult flourishes at international level supported by the powerful porn industry and alcohol producers. It’s common but very dedicated adepts tend to gather in bars, night clubs were they render homage to Bacchus every night.

So let’s join these sincere believers and drink to our lovely God! We wish you eternal life among us! We promise you to be loyal servants and fulfill all precepts of your awful creed!