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Atomic mushroom T-shirt! Explicit!

The mushroom that makes love

Pin-up girls prefer skulls and drumsticks

The best models wear tHE LOSERS (Moscow)' tees! True rock invades podiums!

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Long lasting batteries for sex toys

Family pack for only $4.99
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Classic T-shirt or (Girly Fitted T-shirt), 100% cotton.
Direct digital printing
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The best batteries I have ever used with my electric vagina emulator! Great deal!

Karlos Esteban, Spain

After I have put them in my new flashlight I’ve been feeling very oddly turning it on. There’s like a barely notable vibration that drives me crazy. Since I can only think about homosexual sex.

George Bolton, NYPD

I tried’em for the first time yesterday with my favorite Mr Mushroom from my broad dildo collection. It was a revelation! Absolutely new feelings and emotions as if my rubber intimate turned into an erotic jackhammer. Carry on! You’re on the right way, Aaron!

Suzanne Dolores, Puerto-Rico