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Atomic mushroom T-shirt! Explicit!

The mushroom that makes love

Pin-up girls prefer skulls and drumsticks

The best models wear tHE LOSERS (Moscow)' tees! True rock invades podiums!

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Free online comics by Aaron Schnorbitz

The incredible and almost true comic story about the making of the greatest toublemaker Aaron Schnorbitz. Childhood, adolescence, youth. Discover the truth in racy details.
The FBI wanted him to shut up forever and become an inconspicuous citizen ready to swallow all the bullshit fed by the top echelons of power. But it brought up an earnest renegade and a fine judge of approachable women.
Who will win this terrible confrontation? The world system or the lonely apostate? Learn it from your online comics!


Errant thoughts come in all shapes, and they often seem so foolish and clumsy. But is it true? Can the associative playing of unconscious be such a nonsense?
The fight for the most powerful esoteric symbols can lead human race to World War III! By the 2020s all ball gagged whores will be exterminated by evil clowns! Mutant mushrooms will become your favorite dish or sexual partners!
Online comics Errant thoughts especially for you and absolutely free!


This ain’t comics! No! It’s a complete profile stolen by our heroic comrades in arms from the secret FBI archives! Documented facts and authentic stamps.
Incontestable evidences of Aaron Schnorbitz’ and his companions’ clandestine and lecherous activity. Flagrant details and secret addresses. Vicious liaisons and juicy facts. Full exposure!


Online comics about the birth of the legendary online AS T-shirts shop. Learn the whole truth about the world greatest manufacturer and distributor of explicit T-shirts!
This romantic story, which broke out with an innocent coition, continues to excite lucid minds all over the globe. Coitus, comics and T-shirts manufacturing. Learn what ties it all together and check out the new trends in the field of extreme branding thanks to our erotic comics!


Advertizing is the engine of commerce. Our publicity is the engine of good mood and entertainment. We do all the best that you can test!
Advertisement, posters, announcements and other visual information which will familiarize you with our activities and achievements. Enjoy it, consumer!


Our logic games, puzzles, brainteasers will substitute your XBOX and PS3!
Why spending so much money on computer and table games when you have all these breathtaking puzzles and brainteasers at your fingertips? Test your brain, assess your IQ. Prove yourself that you’re smarter than a monkey!
Excellent add-on for free online comics!