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Atomic mushroom T-shirt! Explicit!

The mushroom that makes love

Pin-up girls prefer skulls and drumsticks

The best models wear tHE LOSERS (Moscow)' tees! True rock invades podiums!

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Hey, dude! Have you seen our ONLINE COMICS? Don't miss it!

<Free high resolution comics from AS T-shirts

The best explicit T-shirts in the history of mankind!

AARON SCHNORBITZ rubber art supplier and his devoted and impetuous comrades-in-arms proudly present their innovative project in the field of online advocacy – the informal AS T-shirts shop for cynical marginals, high-principled rogues and bacchanalian nihilists!

Explicit T-shirts! Antisocial polemics and erotico-theological lampoons!
Comics with frivolous content and exceptional Lo-fi music!


Red Ball rude T-shirts | Clown and slut

Explicit and rude T-shirts from Aaron Schnorbitz

Wedding T-shirts for newly-weds Special T-shirt offer atomic mushroom t-shirt MindTech shop explicit T-shirts BDSM pacman t-shirt PC speaker
Aaron Schnorbitz Rubber Art Supplier proudly presents its explicit and other T-shirts which will allow you to become the most stylish and noticeable in your surroundings as well as make sit up and confuse all those, who stay out of it.

If you have a good sense of humor, if you despise callous thinking of cornballs, if you laugh at dreams of top-managers and believe sincerely that flipping an asshole off is much better than keeping silent and standing its stupidity with a writhen smile, you’re our man!

For such renegades like you we’ve got everything required: explicit and rude T-shirts, erotic and humorous T-shirts, ambiguous athletic tees, skateboard tees, funny, heraldic and even pseudo-theological T-shirts.

And if you are not alone in your views and your soulmate shares in your antagonism and is passionate to strengthen it with marriage vows, we've got splendid wedding T-shirts that will make newly-weds look not just beautiful and original, but extremely defiant as well.

Nevertheless you shouldn’t take our online T-shirt shop as an ordinary source of kicky threads with funny inscriptions and humorous pictures, because dressing your body with our explicit T-shirts you automatically become a powerful advocacy tool – a time bomb that can undermine moral principles of your neighborhood and (warning!) of the local police department! So get up the nerve, comrade, and think twice before buying a T-shirt at our informal store. Linking your destiny to ours you go on the war-path against the world bogged down in obscurantism and material despondency! But you’ll get due! You’re on the right way!

Handmade AS T-shirts with rhinestones and metal beans

t-shirt with rhinestones and egyptian jugglers
You notice them from faraway, they’re shining like ruby stars, blinding bypassers and strays. They are iridescent, versatile and so lightly. You screw up your eyes trying to make it out. What is it it? Nefertiti’s evening dress? Saruman’s parade mantle, an elf’s mail-armor? ...latest effort - an X-man’s anti-gravitational suit with krypton shell! Hey, stop, dude! You lost your marbles?

It’s an original AS T-shirt decorated with rhinestones! Exactly! You can see one of these designer handmade T-shirts on the picture right here: Egyptians juggling with red balls. Ancient history meets modern high fashion! We fixed rhinestones on the balls to make this creative and splendid T-shirt even more creative and splendid. It’s a magnificent piece of art, a masterpiece of light industry that someday will be sold by auction for a fabulous price, but today you can buy it for a very affordable amount as well as our other T-shirts with rhinestones and metal beans (stones).

Unbelievable! Unique handmade T-shirts with rhinestones for a modest price of some tenners! A real must have! Every rhinestone (or crystal, if you prefer) on AS T-shirts was fixed manually by our lovely working bee Nina “Crystal” Dolores that is the greatest pro in the field of dress embellishment and, by the way, a really cute girl. She can work hard throughout the night with the only thought to fulfill all your wishes! Oh-Oh, chill out, boy! We are talking here about T-shirts decorated with rhinestones! Keep your erotic fantasies for yourself.

So now that you know about our manual embellishment technique (we call it crystalishment) you can easily imagine the perspectives we can offer you in this field. These perspectives are countless, ‘cause we can put rhinestones on any of our T-shirts. And that’s not all! We can even create a new print according to your idea! Awesome! Totally handmade and unique T-shirts only for you! )

Wanna know more about these services? So follow the link VIP services for additional info and take a look at the AS T-shirts Warehouse. And don’t be shy if you’ve got questions! Just contact us!