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Atomic mushroom T-shirt! Explicit!

The mushroom that makes love

Pin-up girls prefer skulls and drumsticks

The best models wear tHE LOSERS (Moscow)' tees! True rock invades podiums!

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Betty Logan (Eat up your pride!)

Rude T-shirt to show contempt for shamless bitches

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Classic T-shirt or (Girly Fitted T-shirt), 100% cotton.
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Her name was Betty Logan. Betty the slavering angel. Betty the groaning doll. I met her in Honolulu. She was drinking a JD on rocks when I approached her in the bar. Right away I felt she was accessible…very accessible…she almost stank the lust. A perfect whore for more than a fair price … $14.60 that I paid for her drinks.

Her skin was velvet and waxen. Her lips were like insatiable leeches, leeches of love, sucking out my will and dignity. She was vicious to the marrow of her bones. I was enslaved by this ardent beast, hypnotized…supercharged and….AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! ........ devastated.

Bizarre…bizarre…bizarre coition . You know, Betty, I think that life is a joke, and love is a cigarette smoke.

Aaron Schnorbitz, Wrecks of memories, 2006, Hangman publications Ltd.

Red ball gag - historical background

The red ball gag, incarnating under Aaron Schnorbitz’ cosmogenic theory the human catharsis through pain, suffering and humiliation is in his opinion one of the most powerful artifacts that ever was on Earth.

Its formation as a symbol traces its roots in middle age when it was used by inquisitors to save their ears from heart-rending screams of tortured victims. That time the gag represented a hollow steel pipe fixed on a bolt locking mask. The hole allowed breathing, but if one really wanted, it could be stopped up with a finger to asphyxiate the victim.

This device was frequently used on those condemned to flames. The steel gag was particularly wide-spread during the mass burning of heretics. It allowed to avoid condemned’s howls to drown sacred music performed during the execution.

Interesting is the fact that Giordano Bruno was burned in Rom in 1600 with a steel mouth gag. This event was probably the reason of the following transformation of the pipe gag in the ball gag. The artifact ranked high among other human symbols and needed a laconic shape.

Special thanks to the beatiful unknown from N****k that sent us her picture in Betty Logan T-shirt. You're awesome!